Editing & VFX Courses

Individuals aspire to learn the art of video editing and VFX. Should seriously consider these Editing and VFX courses from ToonOne Animation Studio.

There are multiple software’s available in the market. Offered by different software companies. Performing similar types of functions in video Editing and VFX workflow.

It is expensive as well as time-consuming for the students. To learn all the Editing and VFX software at the training level itself.

Over 15 years of experience in film production. Has helped the studio to choose the right blend of curriculum for video Editing and VFX software. For training budding Editors and VFX Artist.

The studio offers in-depth training in all the essential functions of VFX software. That includes Compositing, Rotoscopy, Visual Effects, Motion tracking, Clean plate techniques. Also, Motion Tracking, working with Croma, and Colour correction.

Advance Diploma in Editing and VFX (Duration: 12 months -Part-Time)

A comprehensive Diploma for students who aspire to become film Editors and VFX artists.


Adobe PremierPro– Used for professional-level film and video work. 

Module -II

Adobe AfterEffect- Primarily used for Visual Effects, Compositing, Animation, and Motion Graphics.

Module – III

Adobe Illustrator-Is the industry-standard for vector base Graphics Designer software.

Module – IV

Adobe Photoshop(PS): Module offers a complete working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

If you are passionate about films. And want to learn the art of Editing and VFX.

ToonOne has professional-level Editing and VFX courses for aspiring students.

To build a successful career in the film industry.