Company Profile

First Animation Studio in Nagpur

We are first animation studio of Nagpur, that has capabilities of producing feature length animation Films.

Foundation of Toonone Animation Studio was laid by GIPL (IT Solution Based company established in year 2002), with sole purpose of producing indigenous animation content for ever growing Indian Animation Industry.

We feel proud to announce that we are only animation studio in city of Nagpur to produce animation series premium national level broadcasting channels like Sony, Pogo and Discovery Kids.

Since our inception, we have produced three animation feature films ‘ABHIMANYU (105min)‘, LAXMIBAI OF JHANSI’ (45min) and ‘SHAKUNTALA'(50min). All the three films were made in home video format and released in domestic market in CD format by Land Mark Toon Hyderabad.

Apart from these three films we have produced numerous advertisements and media services to esteem clients like VICCO Laboratories, Plasto Tanks,Hadriam’s, Reliance Power, Mahindra & Mahindra, IndoEduNext, VNIIT and Jayka Group of companies.

Apart from animated commercial television content we have expertise in production of Scientific and Medical explanatory videos. We are producing Scientific and Medical explanatory videos for many eminent Doctors from this region.

Right now, we are working on our ambitious animated feature film project ‘BHOOT MAHAL’, a horror theme-based adventure story of three young boys. We are planning to complete this project by this year end. We are using the blend of classical animation and digital 2D animation techniques to execute this project.

In our initial days we faced the problem of shortage of skilled man power to execute our domestic assignments. The animators that are available here in this region failed to match with the desired skills and exposure to meet the industry standards.

So, left with no option we were compelled to start our own in-house training program to upgrade our present employees’ skills and to build fresh team of animators.

This paved in the way for the emergence of Toonone Animation institute within existing animation studio.