Career in Graphic Designing

Graphic designing

Career as Graphic Designer

If you think you have a creative aptitude and want to build your career as a Graphic Designer then please read on.

Once a famous Japanese designer said that ; The design is not just about philosophy but it is all about life.

Founder of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs as well said that; The design is not just what it looks like and feels like, but what it works and how efficiently it works.

Graphic Design is also known as communication design. It is the art and process of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or even books using one or more of typography, photography, and illustration. It is essentially used for commercial purposes.

Graphic designs can be grouped as corporate designs that include logos and branding materials, an editorial design that includes magazines and newspapers, advertising and commercial outdoor display materials, web site design, book cover design, product packaging designs , e_book publishing designs and signage.

Every day we are exposed to an array of Graphic designs from various media which includes websites, comics, magazines, online videos, television commercials, posters, billboards, and even company logos.

Graphic designing

The Graphic Designer And His Work And Responsibilities

A designer combines illustrations, photographs and type in order to communicate an idea where he therefore needs communication skills to convince an audience and sell his designs. These graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform so as to come up with innovative and commendable design work.

Designers use their full artistic knowledge and technical tools to create visual effects for a wide range of industries, clients and organizations. Whether the form used is physical or virtual, the reader has control over the pace and sequence of the experience. In books the content comes beforehand while the design follows whereas in magazines the design entails written and visual content that has not been created yet.

Magazines and books all have content in a suggested order that has been thought ahead of time, but the reader decides his own way through the material. Designers are as well responsible for interactive and appealing designs where the content changes as it gets updated or even comprehensive. This type of design is different from other kinds of designs because of its despondence to the actions of the viewer or user.

Editorial design for web and mobile includes websites and mobile applications for publication, being the most tangible example. Some virtual design involves the presentation of rapidly changing streaming information similarly known as data visualization where both interactive and non-interactive interfaces are created. In data visualization, it also involves using specific programs to interpret and form data into a visually compelling presentation and can be linked up with information graphics.

Graphic designing

Application Of Graphic Design

Graphic design is applied in almost everything that is visual. It is used in selling a product or idea. It is applied to products and elements of company identity such as logos, colors, packaging and branding. Branding has been a field which graphic designers have ventured to offer its range of services.

Graphic design has also been applied in the entertainment sector as well in decoration and visual interpretation. Examples of graphic designs in entertainment includes novels, album covers, comic books, magazines, DVD covers, credits in film making, props and programs in stage work. Artwork used to print T-shirts and other similar items screen printed for sale are also included in this category. Information design includes news reporting and journals; the presentation of opinions and facts, are improved with graphics compositions of visual information.

Opportunities In Graphic Design

Graphic design is a wide and marketable field where one with the right skills can seek career opportunities in web publishing, marketing and promotions, corporate communications and other specializations too which can be equally diverse.

Graphic designers can as well venture in experiential design where it involves the application of communication skills to the built environment. This area will require experiential graphic designers to understand the problems that people encounter while interacting with buildings and space, to come up with ways to solve these problems.

Career paths in graphic design cover all parts of the creative spectrum which will require the graphic designers to constantly learn new techniques, programs and methods and how to correctly apply them. Graphic designers can work within companies such as design consultancies or even branding agencies, publishing, marketing and other communication companies.

These designers can work at the comfort of their home as in-house designers in non-designed oriented organizations or companies. They can also work as freelancer where they work on their own terms, prices or even ideas. So as to excel in graphic design jobs one has to have learn about graphic design that is including associate, bachelor’s and furthered to even master’s degree programs.

Design professionals rely on computer software applications therefore training typically goes hand in hand with art and technology. Graphic designs jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in many countries. This is contributed by many reasons that will be highlighted. As a graphic designer one may be self-employed, work for design firms or work for large companies in the design or IT departments.

Skills Needed In Graphic Design That Will Make A Designer Marketable

Having these graphic design skills in general will make one very marketable but again there are some specific skills that clients or even employers look for. They include the ability to design Photoshop, Adobe Flash and InDesign and also the ability to use desktop publishing to create print designs.

Employers still look for designers who can draw well and illustratively. Being able to use photo and image editing software is also a win for the designer, of which he should include in his portfolio and resume.

Employers also want to take designers who can create prototypes since the best sites are those that are planned out well in advance. These are key skills that will win the graphic designers positions in these well-paying graphic design jobs.

Graphic Design Jobs In The Market Currently

Graphic design is a great industry to be in since it is very current and there is so much to learn hence there is much room for growth and typically more money to make and a lot to learn. Graphic design jobs are the most abundant if looked into simply because of all the in-house jobs.

Not many companies really need an in-house illustrator or film maker but even small companies with marketing plans need a designer. Most of graphic design jobs require a very versatile designer therefore learning more coding would help a designer to earn a position in the job market.

Graphic design jobs gives the designer the satisfaction of a work done well, which is very nice and rewarding. Graphic design jobs helps one to grow tremendously since there is an endless supply of knowledge and education on this specific subject line. In comparison to the film industry and most other creative jobs, graphic design jobs are the most marketable and flexible.

Career as Graphic Designer


Graphic design jobs is accompanied with the chance to experience more exciting experiences and education on the graphic design subject. The best thing a designer would do is to get into interactive, digital, web or motion graphics design since these are some of the fields that are growing largely in the industry.
Imagine not wanting to venture into such a marketable business and earn excellent salaries? You can even become a celebrity artist if you wanted to, you know? You can achieve all you wanted in the design world if you would take some interest in it. Do give a chance!

Complied By,

Binoy Shankar,

Brand adviser and Advertisement Film Maker, CEO ToonOne Animation Studio

(Has experience of over twenty year in field of Advertising and commercial Art)