Best Animation Institute in Nagpur

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Best Animation and VFX courses
Students who have completed 10+2 and decided to build a career in the field of Animation from central. For them, it is a challenging task to select the Best Animation Institute in Nagpur.
Look no further than your search ends here with this article. Please read on.
From 2006 onwards ToonOne Animation Studio is offering professional-level Animation and VFX courses in this region. The studio has trained thousands of professional animators. At their premises under production environment.
Apart from Training ToonOne is one of the pioneers in Animation production in this region. The studio is producing animation content for popular TV channels like POGO, Cartoon Network, Sony Kids, and Hungama.

‘Animators are made in studios, not in Institute’

Every aspiring student who wants to build a career in Animation should keep in mind while choosing an institute. Has to understand that ‘animators are made in Studios, not in institute’.
From early days of Animation History. There were no institutes to teach animation. Students with basic drawing skills used to join Animation studios as apprentices. For many years they use to work under a skilled Animator to learn basic Animation skills. Till the mid-’90s this is how animators were trained.
For the past couple of decades. Many education institutes have jumped into the Animation teaching business in India. with no background in animation productions. They created a chain of franchisee networks with fancy interiors and marketing staff. Strong advertising tools presented themself as the Holy Grail of Animation training.
This results in every year producing hoards of frustrated students. With very little or half-baked knowledge of Animation.
Some very strong and talented students from this institute able to survive. But most of them perished or switched to other streams.

Features that make Toonone best among the Crowd

As an Animation Studio ToonOne understands the requirements of the Animation industry. And developed the animation curriculum based on the feedback from the expert animators working in the studio. Moreover, students get the opportunity to work as apprentices under senior animators to refine their skills.
With the right blend of three essential elements. The production environment, infrastructure, and curriculum. Makes ToonOne Animation Studio one of the Best Animation Training Institute in Nagpur.