Best Animation courses in Nagpur

picture from the Rhyme framer in dell created by toonone best animation courses in nagpur
From Rhyme Farmer in the Dell

If you are creative and loves cartoons. Want to build a career on your creative attitude. For you, ToonOne Animation Studio offers the Best Animation courses in Nagpur.

offers all the necessary skills to its students to make a successful career in the field of Animation.

Animation is divided into a Traditional Drawing base and Digital base animation production work.

For a successful career in animation students’ needs solid foundation in both style of animation.

For Traditional Drawing base animation. Students need to undergo rigorous training in drawing skills.

To become an animator one has to have a solid grip on all forms of pencil illustrations. Every animation process starts with white paper and a lead pencil.

Whatever artist visualize has to first put on the paper. Be it in form of a story, script, or storyboard.

ToonOne courses include an in-depth syllabus for laying a solid foundation of drawing skills in their students.

As per the digital part, the studio has a well-established curriculum and infrastructure. For all the software used by the animation industry.

What are the basic criteria for joining animation courses?

If you think you have the creative aptitude. Always love to Draw or Paint. Loved to watch cartoons. Love to act or mimic. Then it indicates, that you have the right aptitude to join animation courses.

Do one need to have prior Drawing skills to Join Animation courses?

Not necessary. Even if you have basic Drawing skills. It is enough to join ToonOne Animation Studio.

At ToonOne students undergo two years of rigorous training in sketching and illustrations. The high level of drawing skills of students. Makes ToonOne syllabus one of the best animation courses in Nagpur in India.

What is the difference between Animation and VFX courses?

VFX is an abbreviation for Visual Effects that are used in live-action Cinema. VFX is one of the streams among many other streams of animation. It is advisable for students to first learn the basics of animation and then go for VFX training. Or in the case of a student. Those who have very little or no interest in drawing, but want to pursue a career in the field of Animation should opt only for VFX course.

ToonOne professional Diploma offers all forms of Animation that include 2D,3D, and VFX.