Animation Studio in Nagpur

Toonone Animation studio first animation studio Nagpur ,to producing animation content for popular broadcast channels

We have the distinction of First animation studio Nagpur .

Since our inception in year 2006 as full fledged Animation production house, we proudly announce that we have produced three feature length animated films ‘Abhimanyu’, ‘Rani Laxmi Bai’ and ‘Shankuntala’ with in very short span of time.

In our initial days we faced the problem of shortage of skilled man power to execute our domestic assignments. The animators that are available here in this region failed to match with the desired skills and exposure to meet the industry standards.

So, left with no option we were compelled to start our own in-house training program to upgrade our present employees’ skills and to build fresh team of animators.

This paved in the way for the emergence of ToonOne Animation institute within existing animation studio.

Feature Film Bhoot Mahal

Right now, we are at the final stage of production of our first action-adventure based animated feature film ‘BhootMahal’ (duration over 90 minutes) that has lots of adventure, thrill and action pack story.

ToonOne is the First animation Studio of Nagpur to producing animation content for popular broadcast channels like Pogo, Discovery kids and Sony TV. We are doing animation for popular animation series telecast in this channels.

Apart from mainstream Animation we also produce White Board Animation Videos, Information Videos, Motion Graphics and Wedding Video Invitation.

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