Animated Scientific and Medical videos

Animated Scientific and Medical videos

ToonOne Animation Studio is among very few animation studios in India that offer services of producing of Animated Medical and Scientific videos and presentations.

We have team of specialized persons who understand the medical and scientific terms and terminologies. Our expert team help the medicos and scientist in developing their ideas and concept into scripts that can be translated into animated video format.

We are offering our services to numerous hospitals and research centers across India.

We have the distinction of creation presentation on Osteoporosis that was presented In-front of President of Republic of Mauritius by Eminent Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Sanjeev Chowdhare.

Regularly we offer our services to another eminent Pediatric Surgeon Dr Satish Deopujari in his never ending per suite of conceptualizing and designing Medical procedural related Apps for Apple and Android mobile hand sets.

We do often work for Ph.D Students, we help them to create simple informative presentations of their thesis that can be presented in-front of the jury member.

All our Animated Scientific and Medical videos projects are executed under the able guidance of our CEO Binoy Shankar who himself is Science graduate has over 20 years of experience in field of Animation and Film making.

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