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If you are searching for quality, affordable Animation, and Graphic Designing training in Nagpur. You should consider ToonOne Animation Studio.

Only animation studio of Central India. To offer professional Animation training in the actual production environment. The studio has over 15 years of experience. And the infrastructure to build a career for aspiring Animator and Graphic Designer. And much more.

“A strong foundation is the key to the creation of long-term success”

The studio understands the importance of a solid foundation of Training. On which students can build a successful Career.

So if you are in search for professional level Animation, and Graphic Designing training in Nagpur you should keep reading.

Animation courses

As per the opinion of Walt Disney (father of Animation). Good knowledge of drawing skills, Classical Animation, Film language, and Acting skills. Are essential for any student to build a long successful career in the field of Animation.

The four fundamental skills mentioned in the paragraph above. Are neglected by most of the training institutes offering similar Animation courses.

This institute primarily focuses only on Digital Software base training. Avoiding or minimizing the basic skills in their curriculum.

As a result most of the students who undergone training from these institutes. Failed to secure place in the Animation Industry.

Whereas at ToonOne offers one of the finest curricula. For Character Animation via rigorous training in Classical Animation.

Most essential part for any Animation feature film training.

In the initial days of training at ToonOne. The most emphasis is on acquiring Drawing and Classical Animation skills. Once the students achieve the desired level of skills in these two areas. Next, they are trained to work on 2D and 3D Animation software.

To maintain quality training. The studio has a dedicated 2D lab with 20 light boxes and 2 Line-testing machines. (Most essential for Classical animation training)

Besides the 2D lab, the studio has well equipped Digital lab for 3D Animation, Editing, and VFX for software training.

Graphic Designing (GD)

In tune with the current surge in demand for Digital Marketing. Along with Animation, the studio offers one of the finest Graphic Designing courses in the Nagpur region.

In the present marketing situation, it has become essential for companies. To have their presence felt on digital media. To meet this demand they have to keep on posting updates on a regular basis. For that, they need a dedicated team of Graphic Designer.

So there is a sudden surge in demand for Graphic Designer worldwide.

Keeping in tune with this demand. ToonOne offers a curriculum that meets the expectations of the Graphic designing industry.

At ToonOne, students are trained on the fundamentals of the art and craft of designing. The studio understands. Mere exposer to Graphic Designing software is not enough. To step into the field of Graphic Designing.

Depending upon the interest and time a student can devote. Students can choose from three Graphic Designing courses.

The duration, of the courses, varies from 3 months to 12months.

Video Editing and VFX

As a full-fledged animation film production studio. ToonOne has infrastructure for execution for professional-level Video and VFX work.

The same infrastructure supports quality Video Editing and VFX training to the students. Under the supervision of experienced Editors and VFX artists. Students get the right experience and exposer. To the latest technologies of these dynamic steams.

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