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ToonOne Animation projects

The studio offers complete Animation filmmaking services along with Graphic Designing and Video Editing services in Nagpur city.


‘From script to screen

The studio offers complete Animation production services. That Includes pre-production, production, and post-production services at their premises.

The studio has the distinction of being one of the original Animation content creators in this region.

To date, the studio has produced three feature-length Animation films. And their fourth coming Animation film ‘Bhoot Mahal’ is at the final stage of production.

The studio has an experienced team of 2D animators. They are capable of producing animated series for popular cartoon channels for kids. That includes popular animation series like ‘Jhool-Maal ‘(Sony Kids Channel), ‘Kemonaache'( ), and ‘Fukary Boys'( ).

Animation Services offered by Studio

1. 2D Character Animation

2. Story Board

3. Animatic

4. Scripts & Screen playwriting

5. Character Designing

6. Motion Graphics

7. Layout and Backgrounds

8. Animated Wedding Invitation videos.

Graphic Designing Services offered by Studio

Apart from Animation, the studio offers the following Graphic Designing services.

1. Logo Designing

2. Print Designs

3. Advertising Designs

4. Product labels and Packaging Designs.

5. Mascot Designing

6. Digital Marketing services

7. Commercials illustrations and Artwork

8. Medical illustrations

Medical and scientific videos

The studio is among very few places in India. That creates animated Medical explanatory videos for Doctors and Medical Institutions.

Apart from Medical videos, the studio also creates scientific explanatory videos. For research labs and scientific institutions.

Video Editing and VFX services

The studio offers video Editing and VFX services. To professional and amateur video filmmakers and YouTubers.

Animation Filmmaking Services offered by studio

1. Video and Film Editing

2. Colour corrections

3. Video compositing

4. Motion Graphics

5. Video Effects

6. Rotoscopy

7. Motion tracking

ToonOne offers complete Animation filmmaking services along with professional-level Graphic designing services in Nagpur.

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