Best Animation courses in Nagpur

best animation courses in Nagpur

Animators are made in studios not in Institute’

Best Animation training courses in Nagpur. Offer one of the finest curriculum in all aspects of Animation film making training in production environment.

Training under production Environment

ToonOne is only institute in Nagpur where students get actual opportunity to work on live projects during their internship.

ToonOne Animation Studio is only Animation Studio in central India that offers comprehensive Diploma course in animation that offer right blend of Classical Animation, Illustration, Film-Language, Acting , 3D Animation and VFX in actual production environment.

Exposure to live projects

Student get the opportunity to work on very popular animation series that are screened in Sony TV, Discovery Kids and Pogo Channel.  

Due to our animation production background we understand the needs of this industry better than any other institute in this region. Based upon our production experience we update our syllabus regularly.

Our dynamism in adopting the changes made us best animation training courses in Nagpur .

Cent-Percent Placements

At ToonOne we maintain cent-percent placement record for students. After completion of course all the students are placed in Animation industry with in the state of Maharashtra.

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Diploma in Animation Film Making (Duration: 24 months -Full time)

Our flag ship course, a comprehensive Diploma in 2D and 3D animation for budding aspirants to build professional career as an animation artist.

Module-1 : Drawing for Animation (Human anatomy and figure Drawings/ Animal and birds Drawing/Landscape & Perspective Drawings/ Character designing)

Module-2 : Classical Animation( Mechanical and Bio-Mechanical/12 principles of Animations/ Articulation)

Module-3 : Film Language/ Acting Classes/ Script writing/ Story Boarding

Module-4 :2D Animation and Graphic Designing Software’s: Animate/Photoshop/Illustrator /InDesign

Module-5 :3D Animation Software with Blender (Modelling/Texturing/Lighting/Rigging/ Partials/ Animation/Rendering.

Module-6 : Editing and VFX Software: Adobe PremierPro/ Adobe AfterEffect/ FCP / NUKE / FUSION / SilhouetteFX / MochaPro / Z-Brush

Module-7 : Four Months Paid Training/ Internship on live projects with our Animation production team at our premises.

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